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Willis Barnstone and Stanley Moss

26 FEBRUARY 2012 — sunday

Poetry Flash presents a poetry reading by Willis Barnstone, Stickball on 88th Street, and Stanley Moss, God Breaketh Not All Men’s Hearts Alike: New & Later Collected Poems, Diesel, A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue, Oakland, 3:00 (510/653-9965,; wheelchair accessible, ASL interpreters for the deaf and hearing impaired may be requested a week in advance by email,

More about the readers
Willis Barnstone is a much-celebrated, much-published poet, translator, scholar, and editor. He’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, has just published his translation of the New Testament in two volumes, has translated Rilke, Sappho, Mao Tse-Tung—just to give a quick sketch of his accomplishments. He’ll be celebrating two new books of poems, Café de l’Aube à Paris, which is in both English and French, and Stickball on 88th Street, about which Joseph Stroud says, “The poems are a vivid glimpse into a Depression America on the threshold of a World War and the record of an interior journey of a boy encountering those elements that would shape him into the artist and man he is to become.” Stanley Moss’s new book of poems is God Breaketh Not All Men’s Hearts Alike: New & Later Collected Poems. W.S. Merwin says, “Again and again, coming upon a poem of Stanley Moss’s, I have had the feeling of being taken by surprise…The surprise arose from the nature of his poetry itself, and from the mystery that his poems confront and embody, which makes them both intense and memorable.” Among his many books of poems are A History of Color, Asleep in the Garden, The Intelligence of Clouds, and The Skull of Adam. He is the founding editor and publisher of Sheep Meadow Press.

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