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Beast Crawl: Leg 1

2 SEPTEMBER 2017 — saturday

Beast Crawl: Leg 1 presents "Bay Area Generations" reading by Tongo Eisen-Martin and Avotcja, Anna Avery and Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Nahid Fattahi and Andrew O. Dugas, host Amos White, Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Avenue; "Pandemonium Press: A Wicked Presence" reading by Rafael Jesús González, James Cagney, John Oliver Simon, host Leila Rae, Spice Monkey, 1628 Webster Street; "Word Performances" readings by Delores Churchill, Alvin Orloff, Todd Siegel, Cybele Zufolo, Cee Reiss, host Cybele Zufolo Siegel, The Punchdown Wine Bar, 1737 Broadway; Milvia Street/Poetry Flash readings, Milvia Street: Art and Literary Journal reading by Lisa Jacquline Graves, Nichelle Pete, Anna-Marie Ross, host Sharon Coleman, followed by Poetry Flash reading by Sharon Coleman, Tiffany Higgins, Richard Silberg, host Joyce Jenkins, E.M. Wolfman Bookstore, 410 13th Street; "Kay DeMartini Presents: Exposed!" reading by Doug Cordell and Allison Landa, host Kay DeMartini, Oakland Complex, 420 14th Street; Scarlet Tanager Books: Writing That Soars reading by Richard Michael Levine, Kurt Schweigman, Judy Wells, Andrena Zawinski, host Lucille Lang Day, Sweet Bar Bakery, 2355 Broadway Avenue; Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review/"St. Mary's College: Get to Know Your MFA's" readings, Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review reading by Heather June Gibbons, Margaret Spilman, Danielle Truppi, host Keith Donnell Jr., followed by "St. Mary's College: Get to Know Your MFA's" reading by Sheila Davies Sumner, Robert Andrew Perez, Ani Tascian, Meg Hurtado Bloom, host Kelsay Elizabeth Myers, Kingston 11, 2772 Telegraph Avenue; East Bey Review: This is the Epicenter 2 reading by Michael Sakoda, Abe Becker, Marléne Zadig, Rebecca Chekouras, Zephir O'Meara, Christina Gardner, host Krista Varela, The Golden Bull, 412 14th Street; Nomatic Press: Resist reading by Sonya Renee Taylor, Denise Jolly, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, Casandra Dallett, Joyce Lee, Azuah, Nazelah L. Jamison, Awaken Café, 1429 Broadway Avenue; Red Light Lit reading by Riss Rosado, Lara Coley, Christine No, Kristina Ten, Miah Jeffra, host Jennifer Lewis, Era Art Bar, 19 Grand Avenue; "Kundiman: Rise & Split" reading by Cathy Linh Che, Chris Santiago, Grace Jahng Lee, Emily Yamauchi, host Mg Roberts, Bel Poblador, Oaklandish, 1444 Broadway Avenue; "Poetry Express"/Poets Reading the News readings by "Poetry Express" reading by Gary Turchin, Elizabeth Alford, host Bruce Bagnell, followed by Poets Reading the News reading by Arisa White, Moira Roth, Jenna Spagnolo, Elle Aviv Newton, hosts Elle Aviv Newton and Jenna Spagnolo, Itani Ramen, 1736 Telegraph Avenue; "Turtle Island to Abya Yala" reading by Nizhoni Ellenwood, Tria Blu Wakpa, Naomi Quiñonez, Hablo Rodriquez-Williams, Maya Chinchilla, host Moon Flower, Creative Growth Arts Center, 355 24th Street, all in downtown Oakland, free, 5:00-6:00 (415/706-9128,

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