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Beast Crawl: Leg 2

2 SEPTEMBER 2017 — saturday

Beast Crawl: Leg 2 presents Leg 2 Open Mic, hosted by Rivet Journal and Red Bridge Press, with Deborah K. Steinberg and Lindsay Merbaum, sign up thirty minutes prior, three-minute limit, Laurel Book Store, 1423 Broadway; "Kearney St. Workshop and Asian Ameican Art Museaum: Interdisciplinary Writers Lab" reading by Shelley Wong, Lark Omura, Matt Nelson, Derrick Carr, Vida Kuang, host Jason Bayani, Farley's East, 33 Grand Avenue; "Small Press Distrubution: The Oak" reading by Leora Fridman, Ivy Johnson, Amy Berkowitz, Lindsey Boldt, host Johnny T. Hernandez, Econo Jam Records, 2519 Telegraph Avenue; "Be About It: Beelzebub About it" reading with Rhea 'Alex' Smith, A. Razor, Ham Coquette, Mike Bushnell, host Alexandra Naughton, Darling's Elixirs,1635 Broadway; "Saturday Night Special" reading by Peter Thomas Bullen, Terron "Kwesi" Wilkerson, G. Macias Gusman, Lisa Martinovic, Dillie Dauley, host Hollie Hardy, Telegraph Beer Garden, 2318 Telegraph Avenue; "StorySlam Oakland: Truth & Consequences" reading by Gina Gold, Justin Lockwood, Josh Cereghino, Mosa Maxwell-Smith, Lauren Chouinard, Abdul Kenyatta, host Julie Soller, The Layover Lounge, 1517 Franklin Street; "Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Showcase 2017: Finalist Performance and New Laureate Announcement" reading by Lucy Flattery-Vickness, Miles de Rosa, Lilah Mottley, Lizette Navarro, Euna Bonovich, and others, host Peggy Simmons, Chapter 510 & The Department of Make Believe, 2301 Telegraph Avenue; "Perfectly Queer East Bay" reading by Anand Vedawala, Anna Pulley, Gar McVey-Russell, hosts Rick May and Wayne Goodman, The Octopus Literary Salon, 2101 Webster Street; "Naked Bulb Press: Sixth Sense" reading by Bill Gainer, Steve Goldberg, Laura A. Zink, Kwan Booth, Iwalani Venerable, Andrew. J. Thomas, William Taylor Jr., host Missy Church, Agave Uptown, 2135 Franklin Street; "Big Bridge: Bridge Beyond the Universe" reading by Maxine Chernoff, Nick Johnson, Nicia De'Lovely, Fisayo Adeyeye, Clement Tsang, Karen Penley, host Youssef Alaoui, Woods Bar & Brewery, 1701 Telegraph Avenue; "Skinless: New and Raw Writing" reading by Keith Gaboury, Richard Lorenger, Matthew Sherling, Daryl Llamas, Indiana Pehlivanova, SB Stokes, host SB Stokes, The Uptown Nightclub, 1928 Telegraph Avenue; "Literary Speakeasy: Drunk on Words" reading by Annah Anti-Palindrome, Alia Volz, Kay Nilsson, host James J. Siegel, The Miranda, 1739 Broadway Avenue, all in downtown Oakland; free, 6:30-7:30 (415/706-9128,

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