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Beast Crawl: Leg 3

2 SEPTEMBER 2017 — saturday

Beast Crawl: Leg 3 presents Leg 3 Open Mic, hosted by Matthew DeCoster, sign up thirty minutes prior, three-minute limit, The Legionnaire Saloon, 2272 Telegraph Avenue; Manic D Press: KAPOW! and Your Golden Sun Still Shines readings, KAPOW! reading by Juliette Torrez, James Tracy, Jon Longhi, Cas McGee, Tarin Towers, Your Golden Sun Still Shines reading by Denise Sullivan, Peter Case, Dee Allen, Kelly Dessaint, host Jennifer Joseph, Drexl Bar, 382 19th Street; Foglifter: We'll show You Monstrous reading by Nancy Au, Carson Beker, MK Chavez, Kim Freeman, Danny Thanh Nguyen, Milo Gallagher, host Foglifter Press, Club BNB, 2120 Broadway; "LIMINAL: Boundaries" reading Lyndsey Ellis, Liz Green, Elise Hunter, Liza Kuney, Bonnie Wai Lee Kwong, Raina J. León, Ginger Murray, Norma Smith, Kelechi Ubozoh, Lenore Weiss, host Gina Goldblatt, The Good Hop Bottle Shop, 2421 Telegraph Avenue; "Sunday Stories Writing Group: Brown People Don't Read?" reading by Blanca Torres-Aldana, Scott Russell Duncan, Jenny Irizary, Aya de Leon, Roger Porter, host Lisa D. Gray, Agave Uptown (AU), 2135 Franklin Street; "Elderotica:Dirty Old Women Read Sexy Stories" reading by Charli Allen, Lynx Canon, Stella Fosse, Rose K. Mark, Jan Steckel, host Lynx Canon, Feelmore 510/Feelmore Adult Gallery, 1703 Telegraph Avenue; "Bay Area Trans Writer's Workshop" reading by Reece Muldrow, Avren Keating, Mason Jairo Olaya-Smith, Jasper Jay, host Natasha Dennerstein, Bar 355, 355 19th Street; "Tourettes Without Regrets" reading by Alexandria Love, Duke The Bossman, Rachel Lark, Josh Healey, Frak, Kaila Love, SYzYgY, host Jamie DeWolf, Starline Social Club, 645 W. Grand Avenue; "¿Donde Esta Mi Gente?" reading by Eloisa Bravo, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, René Vaz, Amanda Muñiz, Javier Zamora, host Baruch Porras Hernandez, The New Parkway Theatre, 474 24th Street; "Rolling Writers: Rolling through the Ages" reading by Rebecca Foust, Roy Mash, Colleen McKee, Mindela Ruby, Jon Sindell, Sandra Wassilie, host Jon Sindell, The Hatch, 402 15th Street; SWILL" reading by Holly West, Joe Clifford, Joshua A. Hattam, Renee Asher Pickup, Sarah M. Chen, Sean Craven, host Rob Pierce, Radio Bar, 435 13th Avenue; "Write from the Gut!" reading by Classic Cars West, 411 26th Street; "Mixer 3.0 Presents BARDO for National Suicide Awareness Month" reading by Joanna Anabo, Loria Mendoza, Julie Thi Underhill, Anne Cormia, Matt Carney, host Sean Labrador y Manzano, Nomadic Uptown, 2301 Telegraph Avenue, all in downtown Oakland; free, 8:00-9:00 (415/706-9128,

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