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Holaday Mason

That Love Vibration: Holaday Mason, Glenna Luschei, Sarah Maclay, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, more

22 FEBRUARY 2020 — saturday

That Love Vibration, part of the Artists Union's Erotic exhibit and fundraiser for the Ventura County Poetry Project, is an erotic poetry reading hosted by Ellen Reich, Laure-Anne Bosselaar and Marsha de la O, with readers Peg Quinn, Mariano Zaro, Cee Chávez, Ann Buxie, Mary Kay Rummel, Ellen Reich, Jennifer Kelley, Ron Alexander, Jacqueline Tchakalian, Elaine Alarcon, Glenna Luschei, Vincent Mowrey, Marsha de la O, Crn Contreras, Ricardo Means Ybarra, Claudia Reder, Florence Weinberger, Becky Sanvictores, Tim Tipton, Perie Longo, Chris Spangenberg, Christine Penko, Sandra Knapp, Sarah Maclay, George Yatchisin, Marcy Wingard, Phil Taggart, Chryss Yost, Brad Bauer, Sammy Ginsberg, Diana Raab, Molly Burns, Anita McLaughlin, John White, Laure-Anne Bosselaar, and Holaday Mason, Art City Gallery, 197 Dubber Street, Ventura, $10 at the door, 3:00 (

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