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Beast "Pub" Crawl Oakland

7 JULY 2012 — saturday

BEAST CRAWL, Oakland's first annual literary "pub" crawl, is a free festival featuring more than 150 poets, writers and performance artists in a single night, spread out over three hours and twenty-five local galleries, bars, restaurants, cafés, and storefronts; LEG ONE, 5:00: reading curator Lyrics & Dirges presents Cyrus Armajani, James Cagney, Cassandra Dallett, Brian Fugett, Raul Gilbert, Terry Taplin, Arisa White, at Noble Café; Quiet Lightning presents Amanda Snyder, Lizzy Acker, Alia Volz, Nick Johnson, Lauren Becker, Anna Pulley, Chris Peck, Nicole Henares, at Vessel Gallery; Skinless: New & Raw Writing at Stork Club; Rad Dad presents Jeremy Adam Smith, Shawn Taylor, Craig M. Elliott II, at Rock Paper Scissors Collective; Three Times Bad Band/3XBad presents the indie string trio Three Times Bad, Patti Orozco-Cronin, Andrew O. Dugas, Ryan Christopher Parks, at Giant Burger; Lip Service West at The Punchdown; Kelsey Street Press at Awaken Café; Small Press Distribution presents Ben Mirov, Amanda Nadelberg, Lynn Xu, Joshua Edwards, Meg Taylor, JTH, Clay Banes, Peter Van Kleef, at Cafe Van Kleef; Eleven Eleven Journal at Radio Bar; Pandemonium Press at Spice Monkey Café; LEG TWO, 6:30: reading coordinated by Saturday Night Special and The Grinder at Telegraph Beer Garden; Generations Journal presents Chloe Ashley, Samuel Sattin, Muthoni Kiarie, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Jessica Langlois, Michele Serros, at PHOTO Gallery; Red Crow presents Puma Perl, Frank Reardon, Cat/Aurora, Jason Neese, Paul Corman-Roberts, Lynn Alexander, Bill Gainer, at InkWell Tattoo; Frank Bette Reading presents Brent Calderwood, Lisa Martinovic, Kim Shuck, Bonnie Wailee Kwong, at Farley's East; Milvia Street Art and Literary Journal presents Clevon Smith, Linda King, Mary J. Dacorro, Sara Beth Chavanne, hosted by Sharon Coleman, at SomaR Bar; Sexy Beast at Bench and Bar; Poetry from the Heart of Mystery presents Gary Turchin, Judy Wells, Dale Jensen, Larry Beresford, Rose Mark, David Erdreich, Wulf Losee, at Xolo Taqueria; Retard presents Emily Esner, karen penley, Micah Bell, Beth Soloway, at The Layover; LEG THREE, 8:00: East Bay on the Brain presents Peg Alford Pursell, Missy Church, Jesus Angel Garcia, Ben Loory, Ryan Sloan, Maw Shein Win, at The Layover; Tourettes Without Regrets presents Katelyn Lucas, Sam Sax, Cameron Awkward-Rich, Lisa Evans, Bucky Sinister, Janes Judd, Caitlin Gill, at Disco Volante; The Naked Bulb presents Michael Rothenberg, Belo Cipriani, Victoria Massie, Andrew J.Thomas, A. Razor, Iris Berry,at Spice Monkey Café; Hella Sexy: A Night of Literary Porn presents Eni Loicy, Virgie Tovar, Javier O. Huerta, Na'amen Gobert Tilahun, NCN, Audacious Iam, at Feelmore510; Invisible City Audio Tours: The Geography of Me vs. You at The Den at the Fox; Crawling Zygote presents Tim Murray, Frankie Metro, Lindsey Thomas, Rob Pierce, Youssef Alaoui, Steve Goldberg, Michele McDannold, at Xolo; The Kraken: Monsters of Storytelling Hella Eat Oakland at Era Art Bar & Lounge; Hella Soulful at Cafe RandeVu; Anger Management at Club Paradiso; LEG FOUR, 9:00: Beast Crawl After Party at Club Paradiso, 2272 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland (Beast Crawl location address map:; more information:

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