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Sandra M. Gilbert, Sharon Doubiago, Paul Fericano, more

2 AUGUST 2015 — sunday

Poetry Flash presents a celebration for Corners of the Mouth: A Celebration of Thirty Years at the Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival featuring Editors Kevin Patrick Sullivan and Patti Sullivan, who will also read at the event, with a reading by contributing poets Jasmine Marshall Armstrong, Sharon Doubiago, Paul Fericano, Sandra M. Gilbert, Valentina Gnup, Klipschutz, Brenda Nasio, Sam Pereira, Lee Rossi, Viola Weinberg, Nellie Wong, and R. Yurman, request ASL interpreters one week in advance from, wheelchair accessible, Diesel, A Bookstore, 5433 College Avenue, Oakland, 3:00 (510/653-9965,

This reading celebrates Corners of the Mouth: A Celebration of Thirty Years at the Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival, edited by Kevin Patrick Sullivan and Patti Sullivan. The editors will read from their own work and talk about the anthology and their thirty years with the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival. Founded in 1984, the festival continues to the present day, showcasing the best poets of the Central Coast, along with many other fine poets from all over California. The contributing poets who will read from their work in the anthology will be:
Jasmine Marshall Armstrong is a native of the Central Coast. She's published poetry in Sojourner magazine, Solo Café, Monkey Puzzle, and elsewhere. Her poem "The Custodian's Daughter" was chosen by Philip Levine as runner up in the American Academy of Poets Introduction to Journals Award.
Sharon Doubiago's new book of poems is The Visit. Among her many other publications are the poetry collections South America Mi Hija, Body and Soul, and the two-volume prose memoir My Father's Love.
Paul Fericano is a satirist and a social activist as well as a poet. His books of poems include Commercial Break and Cancer Quiz.
Sandra M. Gilbert is a leading feminist critic, co-author of the influential The Madwoman in the Attic. Newest of her many books of poems is Aftermath.
Valentina Gnup has been widely published in literary magazines, including Nimrod and Crab Orchard Review. Among her honors is the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Award from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.
Klipschutz is a poet, songwriter and freelance journalist. Among his books of poems are Twilight of the Male Ego and The Drawn and Quartered Moon.
Brenda Nasio is a poet and writer. She has been Assistant Fiction and Poetry Editor for Mademoiselle and a member of the editorial staff for The Paris Review.
Sam Pereira lives in the central San Joaquin Valley. His latest collection, Dusting on Sunday, was published in 2012.
Lee Rossi edited the L.A.-based magazine Tsunami. Among his books of poems is Wheelchair Samurai.
Viola Weinberg was the first Poet Laureate of Sacramento, California (2000-2002). Among her books of poems is Letters to Pablo Neruda.
Nellie Wong's newest book of poems is Breakfast Lunch Dinner. Two of her poems are engraved in public places in San Francisco, where she lives.
R. Yurman is the author of the book of poems Giraffe. He's widely published in literary journals.

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