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Al Young

Berkeley Poetry Festival: Barbara Jane Reyes, James Cagney, Nanette Deetz

21 SEPTEMBER 2019 — saturday

The 17th Annual Berkeley Poetry Festival presents Michael Young, the son of poet Al Young, reading Al's poems for the Invocation of the Muse to kick off the event, and featuring Barbara Jane Reyes, James Cagney, Anna Allen, Claire Calderòn, Natasha Dennerstein, Steve Fujimura, Ingrid Keir, Michelle Lin, James J. Siegel, and Kelechi Ubozoh; Milvia Street literary journal contributors reading includes Joseph Mendoza, Yohana Girma Gebre, Lisa Jacqueline Graves, Carla Schick; Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to Nanette Deetz; Poetry/Flamenco Performance Vida Felsenfeld, hosted by Marguerite Muñoz, co-directed by MK Chavez and Sharon Coleman, sponsored by the City of Berkeley and Berkeley City College, plus open mic, book fair (Poetry Flash and other literary organizations exhibit), Berkeley City College Student Lounge, Fifth Floor, 2050 Center Street, downtown Berkeley, free, 11:30 a.m.-4:30 (

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