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Ayodele Nzinga, Raymond Nat Turner, Karla Brundage, Darlene Roberts, more

25 FEBRUARY 2023 — saturday

33rd Annual African American Celebration Through Poetry, featuring Oakland Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga, joined by Raymond Nat Turner, Karla Brundage, Darlene Roberts, Halima Oluyemi, Adrienne Danyelle Oliver, Gene Howell, Dajhila O'Blenis, Damu Sudi Alii, Zakiyyah G. E. Capehart, Bryant Bolling, Tanya Lazar Lea, Andre Le Mont Wilson, Garrett Murphy, Genay Markham, David Osaodion Odiase, and Zouhair Mussa, hosted by Wanda Sabir, online, free, 10:00 am-1:00 pm PST (RSVP to attend:

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28 NOVEMBER 2023 — tuesday

29 NOVEMBER 2023 — wednesday

  • Lyrics and Dirges, a monthly reading series featuring a variety of prominent and emerging poets, hosted by poets MK Chavez, Dear Animal, and Sharon Coleman, Paris Blinks, Pegasus Books Downtown, 2349 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, free, 7:00 pm PST (More information here:

30 NOVEMBER 2023 — thursday

  • City Lights Books presents Oscar Peñaranda, poet, activist, and founding member of the Filipino American National Historical Society, for an evening of storytelling and literary pyrotechnics, featuring a reading from Peñaranda's latest book, Follower of the Seasons, joined by Shirley Ancheta, Joaquin Tuason Cruz, and Jason Bayani, City Lights Books, 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, free, 6:00 pm PST (Register to attend:
  • Poetry Flash presents a poetry reading by Raffi Del Bourgo, A Tune Both Familiar and Strange, forthcoming, and David Watts, Katy Bridge, Art House Gallery & Cultural Center, 2905 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, two blocks north of Ashby BART, refreshments, free, 7:00 pm PST (

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